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The Different Ways You Should Be Laying Out Your Living Room

A lot of thought goes into the layout of a room, a lot more than we think and the living room is where a lot happens, you have guests over, watch TV, read books, it’s a central hub of a home for a lot of people. When there’s a lot that can be going on in one area you want to try and make sure that you have the best layout possible both for style and for space. Fortunately, in this blog we’ll be looking at different living room ideas to help get those creative wheels spinning.

Now the only issue we have is that everyone’s living rooms are different, however we’ve tried to accommodate this by providing more generic themes that can be adapted by you to fit your living room shape.

Formal and balanced

This is a layout that a lot of us would consider formal and it’s when you have two small sofas parallel and facing each other and a coffee table in-between them. Usually in-between both sofas will be the TV or either a fireplace with the TV mounted on the wall, it all depends on your living room!

Casual and balanced

This is similar to the previous one but just a bit more relaxed. Instead of it being two small sofas, it is a small sofa and two chairs facing in towards the coffee table. The chairs offer a different seating option and create a more casual vibe.

Versatile seating

You could swing your sofa around so it’s in the centre of the room facing the TV. You can then have armchairs

in opposite corners which can be moved around when needed. This type of living room can welcome your friends and family and is flexible and easy to move back once they’ve left.

Minimal and comfortable

Comfort and style can be paramount for a living room, so you should try and pair your furniture but select it carefully. You should select a sofa, an armchair and a footstool as the only seating.

Retro party pad

No don’t worry you don’t have to pull out some of the worst colours known to man. Try and get some freestanding storage units just for a bit of a change. This could be a bar cart or an oversized coffee table accompanied by an L-shaped sofa so there’s still space for everyone to sit.

Work & live space

You can divide a room without actually dividing it, this could be done by a rug only being used underneath the ‘living’ area of the living room with the other seating and tables being used for work. You can split your room into two areas, sofas at one side for the living aspect of the living room, and a table and chairs for the more working side.

Separate dining zone

A lot of us can have a live-eat room, so if this is you, you can try this. By placing your main piece of furniture’s back facing the dining area, you create two separate spaces, one for eating, the other for living, and you can use a rug to help with this again. Whilst this limits the size of your living area, it does mean that you’re creating a cosier, more interactive living space.

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