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Low-Stress Ways How You Can Upgrade Your Kitchen

We’re never fully satisfied as a homeowner because there’s always something that you or someone else wants to change, but the sheer effort required to complete it puts it to the back of your mind forever.

There’s a huge number of different things you can do that are low-stress and low-maintenance to improve your kitchen among other rooms within your household. These simple changes can make all the difference to your house, you’d be surprised!

  1. Hang some art

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy but if you have some blank walls, room to rest a frame directly on a counter or mantle-piece, then it’s a great place to pop some art! The style of the piece is entirely up to you, but all we suggest is get something that you like because you’re going to be the ones who are looking at it more than anyone else and it’s your house.

It doesn’t have to be a grand oil-painting, just something that adds that little extra to the room so when you enter it feels even more like your home.

  1. Add a rug

Now, a lot of people suggest that rugs really don’t have a place in a kitchen and we can understand where they are coming from because it’s usually the place which has the most mess in regards to food.

It doesn’t have to be a huge rug, but it can do so much for a kitchen. It can cover ugly floors, add colour and even softens the surface for your tired feet. Just make sure it’s easily cleanable.

  1. Get small, colourful appliances

These small pillows are pretty much like those throw pillows for your kitchen, only much more appealing and useful. You should try and find some nice additions that can fit nicely into your kitchen. You don’t have to spend a fortune getting some of the best appliances, you need to have a look around and find things that you’re going to use and that can add that little something extra to your kitchen.

  1. Paint something

Now we’re not saying you should be painting your entire kitchen, but instead if there’s anywhere within your kitchen, whether there’s a bit of the wall sticking out or a full wall with nothing on it, this can be your canvas to get someone wallpaper in that really adds to your kitchen and makes people admire it.

  1. Hang some shelves

Shelves can allow you to add more creative and personal additions to your kitchen. They can even be used as a place for kitchen utensils and extra storage if you’re really struggling!

You could look for some small, green plants that can go on these shelves just to add a bit of colour to the overall room or even some personal photos, it’s completely up to you, anything that makes it a happier place to be!

  1. Makeover your countertops

Now if you have a little money spare then you could treat yourself to a completely new kitchen or pick the areas you think need improving.

One of the areas you use the most are the countertops, they have had everything on top of them and can look a lot more worn than the other areas. If this is the case, treat yourself! Have a look and see if there’s anything that you like that would make a difference for your kitchen.

If you don’t have a lot of money spare, not to worry, there are countertop transformation kits that can make the quick changes you might desire, or be creative with stylish thin chopping boards.

  1. Pick some plants

We did an article not too long ago about the different plants that are perfect for the kitchen, but plants make everything better and they’re cheap and easy to get. You can use the article we previously wrote to get an idea of what plants can fit into your kitchen with ease.

  1. Get under-cabinet lights

Some of the struggles we can come across in a kitchen are when you’re trying to cook and the light in the middle of the room doesn’t give you the light you need for you to see what you’re doing.

Being able to see in the kitchen is pretty key, otherwise, injuries and cooking mistakes can occur, but the best way to get the light you need is through under-cabinet lights. They create ambience, light, are relatively easy to install, are inexpensive and look amazing.

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