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Spring Cleaning Hacks that will help ease the clean!

It’s officially Spring! The flowers are blooming and it’s lighter at night. It’s the time of fresh beginnings, and what better way to begin the new season than with a spring clean! (It’s even in the name!)

This is the time to crack out the cleaning products, wash the skirting boards, vac the curtains and give everything a right good cleanse. We’ve gathered some handy cleaning tips to add to your cleaning routine to really make your house spic and span.

  1.  Unblock those drains with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar!

You know the old science experiment. Make a volcanic eruption with bicarb of soda and vinegar. Well, do that in your drains. The powerful oxidising reaction with fizz up and help clear and clean your drains making them clear for the water to flow! Pour the contents into the drains, cover with a cloth, and let it fizz away for a good five minutes. Then rinse with hot water!

To combat the vinegar smell, add a bit of lemon juice. It will make it nice and citrusy!

  • Microwave your cleaning sponges

Yup, that’s right. Microwave your cleaning sponges. They harbour and contain tons and tons of bacteria. Stop the spread of more germs by dampening your sponge, then microwave on full power for 90 seconds.

This will remove so much of the bacteria and make them nice and clean for their next use. Making them last longer and save you money!

  •  Crack out a Vodka Coke in the bathroom.

Not to drink, but to clean with!

Dab the vodka on a cloth and it will help clean your porcelain goods in the bathroom. And as for the coke, pour the coke down the toilet, give it a scrub with the toilet brush, let it sit for as long as possible, then flush.

  •  Polish your wooden furniture with Olive Oil

Drizzle a couple of drops onto a cloth or duster, and use it to buff the wooden furniture. Smells sweeter and better for you than using a chemical polish.

  •  Tupperware Party!

Soak your Tupperware overnight in the sink with some warm water, and a spoonful of baking soda. It will help lift off any old smells, grease, oil and make them clean and fresh again, ready for those lunches and leftovers.

  •  Blitz the blenders

Are your blender attachments looking a bit grimy, and they’re a bit too difficult to clean by hand. Fill the blender with warm water and washing up liquid, and then give them a blitz. It’ll work a treat.

  •  Don’t forget the remote!

How many hands have touched the remote?  How many grubby fingers have pressed those buttons? Don’t forget to clean the remote, with some hand sanitiser and kitchen roll. And use a cotton bud to really get between the buttons.

We hope you enjoy your Spring Clean, find it therapeutic, and enjoy the benefits of a clean house for the year to come!

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