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Ways You Can Reinvent Your Cleaning Routine For New Year

New year new me, isn’t that what everyone says? Now that we’re well on our way into January, there’s no better time to try and shake things up a bit in your home and try something new and what better way to do it then clean. You’re already going to or should have taken down your Christmas decorations so it’s the perfect time to try shake-up your cleaning routine!

Let’s be honest, a lot of us really don’t like cleaning, but it’s something we have to do. So, we’ve gathered a few things you can try to keep your cleaning a bit more interesting.

  1. Mix up the times you do things

If you try and tackle your chores in the morning, maybe you should try switching it up a little and tackle them at night, specifically, you should try and do tomorrow’s chores the night before. This would allow you to start off your new routine ahead of things, rather than being behind.

Swapping your chores time to the evening can make your morning feel a lot less cramped and rushed, meaning you can have a lot more time to yourself in the morning. If you’re an evening cleaner, try swapping it around to the morning, there’s nothing wrong with trying to shake things up and if it doesn’t work for you, you can always revert back.

  1. Treat yourself

You want to make cleaning your home as quick and easy as possible, so what better way to help you do this than treating yourself to a tool that injects a bit of fun into your cleaning routine! Having a new product you’ve just purchased that helps you complete the tasks much faster and makes cleaning much simpler is going to make you look forward to cleaning a lot more. Look at getting a Roomba or similar style product to treat yourself and help around the house.

  1. Time yourself

We’re all competitive, even if it’s deep down, so you should time yourself and try and complete your clean as fast as you possibly can. This just adds a bit of fun to cleaning and means that the next time you clean, you have a target to beat. And you can better plan your day if you know you need X amount of time to clean.

  1. Hire someone

It doesn’t have to be on a weekly basis, but if you’re up to your eyeballs with plans, then you could hire someone to relieve you of your biggest chores just until you’re able to get back round to cleaning again, unless you’d just rather have someone else clean your house for you.

  1. Swap roles

If you live with someone else, whether it’s a housemate or partner and they have their set routine they do every week, you should try switching for a week or two so you’re not constantly doing the same thing over and over again.

  1. Clean small and more frequently

A lot of us will save a lot of the cleaning up for one big clean at the end of the week, but you could try and clean a little bit each day so instead of spending a couple of hours cleaning, instead you’re spending 10-30 mins a day doing little chores so that there’s no need for the big end of week clean.

We’re not saying all of these will work for everyone, but at the start of 2019 is the perfect time to try a new cleaning routine just so you’re able to bring something a little different to something that usually isn’t that fun.

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